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Philippines Tourist Spots

Cagayan Province: Caves, Gamefishing and Other Attractions

The major tourist attraction of Cagayan Province is caves, in particular, the famous seven chambered Callao Caves, which contain a chapel for those who wish to meditate on these wonders of nature. Other popular caves among the more than 300 that are around the region include Jackpot Cave, San Carlos Cave, Sierra Cave, and the Odessa-Tumbali Cave System.


A church inside the Callao Caves

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Cagayan is also the gamefishing capital of the Philippines, with San Vicente, Sta. Anna and Palaui Island important destinations for sportfishing enthusiasts; the beautiful sailfish being the prize catch. Palaui also features the Spanish built Palaui Lighthouse.

Other tourist attractions in the province are mountain treks, river trips, surfing, the Magapit Suspension Bridge, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Miraculous Lady of Piat, a four-century old image of Mary, which was brought from Macao to the Philippines in 1604 by Dominican friars. Visit the tourist spots in Cagayan Province.

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This is one of nature’s tremendous wonders.
check it out and believe me you’ll have a new found love for the environment.

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