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In Zamboanga, there are constant reminders of the city’s exotic past as a major East-West trading port. Zamboanga remains a melting pot of cultures, with the colorful vinta sails and the imposing stoneworks of Fort Pilar symbolizing the city’s rich heritage. Zamboanga ia also a shopper’s paradise, where a vast […]

Zamboanga City: A Melting Pot of Cultures

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The small island of Guimaras is located between Negros and Panay Islands and is best known for its world famous golden mangoes. The island has a wealth of white sand beaches and small coral islands. The interior of the island is ideal for hikers and mountain bike enthusiasts. Found in […]

Tourist Attractions in Guimaras, Western Visayas

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Surigao del Sur is on of the last remaining frontier provinces of the Philippines and has been describes as an “Adventurer’s Shangri-La by the Pacific.” Cagwait White Beach is on of the best unspoiled beaches in the Philippines. The waves of Luzano Bay are ideal for top performance surfing. The […]

Surigao Del Sur: Adventurer’s Shangri-La by the Pacific