Tourist Spots in the Nueva Vizcaya Province 22

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  • Nueva Vizcaya, which is very mountainous attracts visitors to Mt. Pulog National Park. This is the site of the country’s second highest peak.

    Mount Pulog

    Mount Pulog

    Dalton Pass is the gateway to Cagayan Region and, because of its strategic importance, was the scene of intense battle at the end of World War 2. A shrine has been erected to honor sacrifices of Filipino troops .

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    Kirang Pass has a monument erected by the Japanese to commemorate the gallantry of soldiers on both sides. Historic Spanish churches include St. Dominic Cathedral and Dupax Del Sur Church.

    The Lion-Alayan Cave is a large horizontal cave system with an array of stalactites, stalagmites and columns with draperies, where water flows towards an underground river.

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    22 thoughts on “Tourist Spots in the Nueva Vizcaya Province

    • ♥shAynE♥

      ….♥♥♥..h!^^…!m shayne….tOur!sts attract!on !n nUeva v!zcaya !S reaLly !nterEst!ng’ esPec!alLy da d!ffeRent faLlS…..-! waNt tO kNoW !T’ WAt !S da bEst’ wHy !tz a besT anD da h!storY !nS!DE !T..-NuEVA v!zcaya !s a wOnderfUL pLaCe bEcaUse !tz a vEry h!storiCaL ‘ Lyk da daLtoN pasS, da nat!onaL shr!ne oF gEn. daLton wHo k!Lled !n da sn!ppErs buLlet dUr!ng thE wOrLd waR 2…..-! WAnT To Go thEre bEc. ! WaNt tO expLore aNd tO kNOw THe CuSTOmS AnD TRAD!T!IONS OvER thERe..bEc. ! waNt tO stUdy maNy th!nGs !n nuEva v!zcaya’ aNd oF courSe aS a aDveNtUroUs pErsOn ! LovE NATuRE………….

    • perz

      try going to malabing valley, kasibu.. and visit lion-alayan cave.. i’m sure you’ll enjoy it.. ^_^V

    • cruel

      @shayne just curious… how can you stand typing uPpEr LiKe ThIs? not only is it annoying… it’s also ridiculous. please try to type reasonably next time. just a piece of advice.

    • shelah

      Try to visit Vizcaya and you’ll see a lot of surprises. We have a lot here like caves, falls, mountains whatever you want to see but I’m suggesting you to visit Lion cave first and you’ll enjoy….have fun and God Bless.

    • eso_aritao

      i wish officers in nueva vizcaya can build more amazing, fantastic, mesmerizing tourist spot to encourage more tourism in our place… if that happens im sure many people from the entire world will visit our province… ^^0

    • yumi

      Vizcaya is really a wonderful place.. if you wish to stay at a peaceful and hospitable place.. just visit Nueva Vizcaya

    • arcel

      hi perz! pano ba pumunta ng malabing valley? tga nueva vizcaya ako at gusto ko mamasyal dun ksma friend ko. Thank you

    • lara

      not only the tourism spots are beautiful in nueva vizcaya.. they also maintain preservation of the culture and tradition of the ethnic groups .. must visit our place

    • rhoda

      so nice the place of nueva viscaya, the first tym i visit that place i am amazed.. cant wait to visit it again.. i missed all the attractions there.

    • Richrein

      hi I’m planning to visit Vizcaya this coming June.
      Hoping for a great visit. It will be my first time in Vizcaya if ever.

    • Kaye

      Hi good evening viscayanos just wanna ask po what are the famous food, beverage and product in ur province?

      Need help po bstm student here tyvm?