Luzon Tourist Attractions

batanes lighthouse viewed from sea the best tourist spots in the philippines
Batanes, being the smallest province was said to has come about because of volcanic eruptions and geological activities during the Pre-Spanish era. The province has been known as “Nature’s Playground,” because of its unspoiled natural charm and laid-back way of life. Batanes is where you will find fine sand beaches, […]

5 Places to Explore in Breathtaking Batanes

Nueva Vizcaya, which is very mountainous attracts visitors to Mt. Pulog National Park. This is the site of the country’s second highest peak. Dalton Pass is the gateway to Cagayan Region and, because of its strategic importance, was the scene of intense battle at the end of World War 2. […]

Tourist Spots in the Nueva Vizcaya Province

The major tourist attraction of Cagayan Province is caves, in particular, the famous seven chambered Callao Caves, which contain a chapel for those who wish to meditate on these wonders of nature. Other popular caves among the more than 300 that are around the region include Jackpot Cave, San Carlos […]

Cagayan Province: Caves, Gamefishing and Other Attractions