5 Places to Explore in Breathtaking Batanes

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  • Batanes, being the smallest province was said to has come about because of volcanic eruptions and geological activities during the Pre-Spanish era. The province has been known as “Nature’s Playground,” because of its unspoiled natural charm and laid-back way of life.

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    Batanes is where you will find fine sand beaches, coves, mountains, rolling hills, canyons along the coastline that have endeared it to both foreign and local tourists. When visiting Batanes, it is always prudent to book  through online booking sites like Traveloka ahead of time.


    Ivatan is the Filipino ethnolinguistic group living in the Batanes Islands. Their ancestors are from Austronesians, who migrated 4,000 years ago during the Neolithic era. They are sad to have been seafarers and boat builders.

    Truth be told, there are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Batanes, here’s sharing the first 5 places to visit in Batanes when you’re in that part of the country.

    Five Places to Visit in Batanes

    1.Mt. Carmel Chapel

    Mt. Carmel was built through the dreams of the parents of Mr. Butch Abad, a kin of the most influential family in Batanes. They’ve always dreamt to a have a church nearby that they will just walk to. Before its construction, the nearest church was the Basco Cathedral, which is also known as the Santo Domingo de Guzman Cathedral. 

    2. Basco Lighthouse

    The Basco Lighthouse, located in Naidi Hills, was inaugurated in 2003. The places where it was erected was an old site where a telegraph facility used to stand. It was used by the Americans and was destroyed during World War II by the Japanese.


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    3. Mahatao Town

    Mahatao Town is amongst the favorite stops of Batanes travelers. Mahatao is located next to Basco and is divided into four barangays: Hanib, Kaumbakan, Panatayan and Uvoy. Mahatao is the smallest town in Batan.


    4.Vayang Rolling Hills

    Vayang Rolling Hills is known for its undulating picturesque green meadow on the west side of Basco. This place is an ordinary pastureland to a lot of Idiptan (residents of Diptan or Brgy. San Antonio) farmers. The Vayang Rolling Hills encompasses several farms: Mahedhed, Maluyuluy, Vayang, Sakaan, Mayahaw, Mayawyawen, and Mapias Katakey.

    A huge portion of Vayang Rolling Hills used to be public land covered in cogon grass, which is commonly shared by the people of Basco for their house roofing. Through the Agarin Reform Program, the public land was distributed amongst qualified beneficiaries.

    These rolling hills boasts of perfect combination of landscapes, seascapes and what appears to be unending waves of rolling hills. Vayang Rolling Hills is the nearest in Basco proper where three major municipalities (Batang, Sabtang, and Itbayat), can be viewed, all at once.


    5. Fountain of Youth a.k.a. Rakuh-a-idi Spring or Spring of Youth

    The Fountain of Youth is located at the eastern end of Madi Bay, Barangay Imnajbu, Uguyan, Batanes. It is a man-made pool with its cold spring water sourced from the mountain.

    Batanes is an archipelago province in Cagayan Valley, approximately 162 kilometers north of Luzon mainland and around 190 kilometers south of Taiwan, separated by Babuyan Island and the Cagayan Province. Batanes has been tagged as the New Zealand of the Philippines, both having such picturesque characteristic.



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