Apayao Province and its Natural Tourist Attractions 40

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  • Founded more than a decade ago in 1995, Apayao Province dubs itself the “Cordillera’s Last Frontier for Nature Richness”. Apart from the two ancient Spanish churches at Pudtol, the attractions are purely natural.


    Spanish church in Pudtol

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    Included in Apayao Province’s natural tourist attractions are the unpolluted  of Apayao and its waterfalls, the viewing points at Pudtol and Luna, the Agora and Anag-Sicapo Wildlife Sanctuaries and the Maton Underground River.


    Dibagat River in Apayao

    The natural attractions of the Apayao Province are truly breath-taking.

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    40 thoughts on “Apayao Province and its Natural Tourist Attractions

    • harlet joy

      im proud to be yapayao.. and i love APAYAO so much..i love the natural beauty, the virgin forest, th fresh river, and a very fresh air..IM PROUD TO BE AN ISNAG.. my home,home,home..

    • roden simeon

      …im from AMA baguio…wow what a nice place you have there in Apayao…hope that i could visit your place even just once in my life…

    • ALIGA

      welcomes you to Apayao. A very nice place with very unique culture. People in our place are so very very Hospitable..So. why not Try to Visit Our place..

      CALANASAN> the virgin Forest….

    • harlet joy

      welcomes you to Apayao. A very nice place with very unique culture. People in our place are so very very Hospitable..So. why not Try to Visit Our place..

      CALANASAN> the virgin Forest….

    • manilyn diga

      nice to be a iyapayao. im proud to a pure blooded isnag naman hahahahahahahahahahahah see you in kubagao were can you found the beautiful spots

    • mhel malaggay

      Talifugo c0nner apayao i really love my own province even though i’m n0t there all the time. Thanks to my grandparents who had given us our property. We cannot live without that things. I love you all…

    • Oscar Abesamis

      Iam not from Apayao but i know the place better than all of you.Fortunately for me being a helicopter pilot. Im now in Nigeria and i miss Apayao and its people a lot.Apayao is a paradise…I like Eva garden and had a very memorable stay with the Bulut clan.I m looking forward to visit Apayao again with my family in the near future.

    • boboy francisco

      I am interested to go Birdwatching in Apayao, I think it has great potential for birding with its relatively forested wilderness areas.
      I would appreciate if any resident from there could give information regarding this. Many thanks.

    • jayrex

      being an isnag is a pride….isnag are nature lovers and it is very evident because it is in apayao wher you can find the untouch or the virgin forest,its river is clean,and the air is fresh it is beautiful naturally.

    • hazel abuab

      …APAYAO is e very unique and wonderfL gift from above.,come.!!visit apayao n’ feel the true essence of peaceful a life.,I’am so proud for it…amaZing.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • alyssa n kenken

      visit my hometown kabugao, the place of no return,, truly you would stay because my place is cool..with its beautiful people, virgin forests.,,swimming in the clear rivers in incomparable to pools…naganas!

    • modi

      been a long time since I lived in kabugao….was born there..elementary and high school…no vehicles yet before…only by boat along the great apayao river…enjoyed it so much i couldn’t erase it from my memory..have very fond childhood and teenage memories…the old folks …my friends…the sites…Wish i can go back somedays…

    • Modi

      hello guys..please post a lot of pictures of the river and lourdes high school, and kabugao (if you have) on FB…thanks


      apayao is truly a beautiful place but is manipulated only by the chosen few.. why would negotiations with miners even happened in that place if their priority is protecting their constituents and the natural beauty of the province? kalinga and apayao has long been separated but look at kaling now.. they are miles away from apayao in terms of progressiveness. whatever happened to apayao?? napag-iwanan n ng tuluyan ng panahon..


      ISNAG…….Dialect compared 2 sum other dialects is a unik in the sense that the way it is used @ spoken reflects its BIG difference to such languages w/c almost the same in the said dialect,we utter words @ phrases that expresses our great @ real respect to our fellows.ISNAG dialect is distinct because it pocesses its own characteristics trough w/c we the Isnag people are identified. . . .YMANDAYA yade Wagih’ ””””””””’ (yCALANASAN)

    • ronald pinera

      ….the best place to live on earth….that’s my province…i am proud to be an isnag!

    • kent mark garcia

      Apayao is the secret desert of the Philippines ……….. COME AND ENJOY THE DAY WITH US IN CALANASAN

    • Erwin

      hope we can visit apayao, but unforetunately can’t find any contact person from the province. Like the provincial goverment or tourism department. Does anyone here who knows who to contact if we want to visit the place? thanks in advance

    • coolit

      …Great Apayao…hope I will visit these awesome destinations when we get there during the 2013 CARAA meet…

    • Maripol tucjang

      A place worth- visiting.. Come and explore Lussok Caves in Luna, Apayao.. Drench with the cold invigorating water of Bayugao falls.. Experience a cool and winding dinner on a floating restaurant at Bacut Lake of Sta. Marcela…Umbet kayu man pe kiya Apayao wawwahi!!!




    • steaven

      . .happy akot nadiskobre din ang town namen.pasyal po kayo’maeenjoy niyo po talaga đŸ™‚ madame po kayong makikitang magandang place dito come:)