Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur: The Little Hongkong of the South 23

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  • The picturesque harbor cove of Pagadian City has earned a reputation of being called “The Little Hongkong of the South.” Pagadian City’s attractions are natural, rather than man-made.


    Pagadian City Festival

    Natural Attractions in Zamboanga Del Sur

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    The natural attractions in this Southern part of the Philippines are waterfalls (Pulacan Falls, Lourdes Falls, Lison Valley, Manga Falls), beaches (Muricay Beach, Bomba Beach, Poloyagan Beach, White Beach), caves (Manga Cave, Kendis Cave), and mountains (Mt. Pinokis, Mt. Susong Dalaga).


    Springland Resort, Pagadian City

    Stunningly beautiful Lakewood is regarded as on of the prime, unspoiled nature spots in the country. Tukuran Beach, a submarine landing area in World War II, also has great tourist potentiala among other attractions in Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur.

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